Kim jesteśmy?

DZIEW/CZYNY powstały jako wydarzenie z okazji Dnia Kobiet. To oddolna inicjatywa, która angażuje różnorodne środowiska kobiet i mężczyzn mieszkających i działających w Białymstoku. Przedsięwzięcie propaguje współpracę białostoczanek w ramach kolektywnych działań o charakterze kulturalnym i społecznym oraz koncentruje się na rozpowszechnianiu idei równego traktowania kobiet i mężczyzn w społeczeństwie.


DZIEW/CZYNY was created as an event to celebrate Women’s Day . This grassroots initiative involves people with diversified cultural backgrounds who live and work in Bialystok. The project promotes cooperation of female citizens of Bialystok that results in various social and cultural activities. It’s main concern is to promote the idea of ​​equal treatment of women and men in society.

 First, spontaneous, edition of DZIEW/CZYNY took place in March 2012. It created an opportunity to participate throughout the day in various cultural and social activities in the city, including : vegan breakfast, a panel discussion about the (in)visibility of women in public spaces, walk in the footsteps of distinguished female citizens of Bialystok, intimate gathering of women „Czerwony Namiot ” and party „Szparkiet”.

 The second edition of DZIEW/CZYNY attracted many members of non government organizations and members of the public. Thanks to their commitment and enthusiasm DZIEW/CZYNY has continued to go from strength to strength and anything seems possible. Both women and men were taking part in the preparation process. It gave a rise to the main event that took place between 8th – 10th of March and there were a lot of events organized for the remainder of the month. In short, DZIEW/CZYNY 2013 consisted of: film screenings , exhibitions, concerts, parties , workshops, lectures, meetings with writers and many more.